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Wolf Patroon Pyjama en cape Zonen 09

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Wolf Patroon Pyjama en cape Zonen 09

Wolf is a pattern for pajamas with a detachable cape/blanket.The pattern gives you the choice between a jumpsuit and a set of pajama shirt and (super easy) pants. Both versions include short and long sleeves, short and long legs, shoulder pieces for the detachable cape, pants pockets and the optional use of piping in the jumpsuit, shoulder pieces and pockets. The pattern covers 16 sizes: 92 (2y) to 134 (9y) and 92 (2y) small to 134 (9y) small. This product includes a detailed, 54 page sew-along filled with high-quality pictures guiding you through each step of the sewing process with all of the options mentioned above. Both the digital and paper version of this pattern are currently only available in Dutch.